Monday, 9 March 2015

How Computer Speed Increase and Better Performance

increase speed of computer
Increase Computer Speed
If your computer start up very slow and during working your computer give response waiting a long time then use simple computer tricks today i tell
you that simple computer tricks how can our computer speed increase then first of all go to the start up run
menu and just write prefetch and hit enter
now appeared new window look some folders and files then ctrl + A selected all files and shift deleted.

Go to start menu again click run menu and write temp on run menu hit enter now displaying window and selected all files or shift deleted.

Again same procedure run menu write  %temp% hit enter appear some data and select all data shift delete.

Now clean your browsing data and cookies data if you are using the chrome browser now see chrome browser right corner and three bar selected and go to the tools and clean browsing data and all box check marked and clean all cached data cookies data.

If you are also scan your computer drives on daily basis then your computer performance speed as very well.
These computer tips and techniques are very informative for everyone and Anyone who can read and follow directions and they can make correcting problems on their own.

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