Sunday, 28 February 2016

How Install Memory In Computer

computer memory upgrade
Upgrade Memory On Computer
If is necessary that ensure before the planning of up grade memory it is necessary ensured that how many memory available in your computer. It is very difficult when was using simms thoes days but now, very easy in period of dimms you keep in Ist slot 512mb , 2nd 1GB, 3rd 2GB. You should imagine that how installed dimms before keep additional dimms. Ist dim slot zero mean fit is Ist slot and 2nd slot in 1st mother board have 3 and 4 slots. Must be read instruction below.

Shut down to computer and take off power plug. Now, open computer cover.
Dimms put into slot at straight pressure of dimms press inner side to clip and not come out it. When take out to dimms then pull it and open.

A bit raise memory
Procedure of up grade memory ensure making good performance into computer but you needs to satisfaction that you are using to availability with wise. Providing some important instruction as below that will be prove helpful proper utilization to memory.

If you are using windows 98 or 2000 then pay consideration install to window xp , vista , window 7.
the better use of memory in respect of 98 or 2000 it computer constrain power 32 bit operating system.

You don't self start every required program but you have keep any install windows.

System receivers wastes open unnecessary program into xp-window 7-me- windows and reduced performance if some program self start so, exclude his name from setup folder. The drag to icon outwards
and kept into folder for exclude from program of start up folder.

If you are using 98 or 2000 window so check it that your system set at your virtual memory let window to mange or not. Its setting always kept on default. If you have kept any other install capration software then delete it. The good facility available of caption folder window 2000 and xp

If you are operating 2000 or xp window however you can increase performance according to below changes in virtual memory.
you should be patching file maximum and minimum value keep as same. if you don't such activity waste your windows source.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

How Prepare New Computer Self

make computer at home
Hardware Engineer Girls making new computer
(1) When you want prepare complete new computer you must be that purchase all hardware which erected is your CPU and under following necessary that unable without parts of computer.

Mother Board
Hard Disk
CD Room Drive
Tower Case With Supply

(2) When these all hardware available in your hand you keep to casing at table in front of self, that back side of CPU remain your front. Now you opened plate screw which are available right side of CPU with the help of screw driver and exclusive large screw and laying

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