Monday, 16 November 2015

How to easily Install Printer Driver

driver hp printer
Hp Printer Box
Window XP/2000/98/ME user very easily install the printer. Because this window's automatic install drive.

Mostly printer attach at parallel port in these days.
Similarly, this work required parallel cable. Its one side available 36 Pin female connector and 25 Pin available in other side.
This cable received computer store. The connect
of printer consist on two steps.

Ist step hardware and second step installed driver correctly.

(1) Take out instruction which mention of box.

(2) Parallel cable of 36 pin mail connector attached on parallel        port of printer.

(3) The second 25 pin of cable female connector attached parallel port behind of computer.

Now Install the Printer Driver:
The connector to printer after restart to computer and start installation of window XP-ME-2000-98 if not act then you should restart.

(1) Open the start menu

(2) Select to printer or faxes and open windows printer control section.

(3) Add printer icon click and start add printer wizard . The instruction of wizard increase with stage by stage.


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