Wednesday, 20 January 2016

How Prepare New Computer Self

make computer at home
Hardware Engineer Girls making new computer
(1) When you want prepare complete new computer you must be that purchase all hardware which erected is your CPU and under following necessary that unable without parts of computer.

Mother Board
Hard Disk
CD Room Drive
Tower Case With Supply

(2) When these all hardware available in your hand you keep to casing at table in front of self, that back side of CPU remain your front. Now you opened plate screw which are available right side of CPU with the help of screw driver and exclusive large screw and laying
to tower case, now pick to mother board and adjust on iron plate into casing that absolutely adjusted all parts of mother board into empty wholes behind of CPU case, Now tight to motherboard Screw.  

(3) You put to processor after erection to mother board, and open the lock before adjacent, then you saw that an arrow mark available at corner. Similarly, the arrow mark also  available at mother board. Both mark touched with each other. Filled and lock to it after putted. After all adjust to heat sink and put the fan.

(4) Now pickup to ram and consideration to kit into memory slot with appropriate method, Its necessary that keep to ram in slot and press with two thumbs both side head and same as lockup. You must be remember that no press to ram from one side otherwise arose from other side and operate to computer ram has been burn.

(5) Fit to hard disk then fit CD room above front of part, and fit to hard disk into beneath mount and tight to screw.

(6) After all fit to all hardware now put to hard disk and CD room data cable. 40 pin data cable attached them, every data cable have 3 connector. The large part of cable connector pasted with mother board and remaining two connector attached with Hard disk, Similarly attached CD room.

(7) After connection of data cable now you put on motherboard the main connector of power supply and remaining power connector attached with hard disk and CD room. If floppy drive already attached  then also put cover of CPU after all completed the connection and put the screw.

(8) Now, your computer ready for opening. You connect to mouse monitor and power cable with CPU, and on power switch of computer. You enable work after install window and application software.

You must take care keep the hard disk, CD room and data cable of floppy drive into computer, that every data cable have a line in color of blue or red. This identify no# of cable. Similarly take care of cable time of attached with cable if the middle of cable keep connect then if not attached against side mean must be attached right side. If cable available in plane condition or all holes open in connector mean not close any side then you attached want in motherboard anywhere, you saw below plug of IDE-1 and IDE2 written no1. Its show symbol that red line of data cable towards no1. Secondly, you attached second end with hard disk or CD room. Then the red line of data cable always put it where available power connector, mean while CD room, floppy or hard disk that which attached power cable then red, line of data cable also straight towards.



  1. Too good to understand!
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  2. Really nice tips, I had no idea about any of this before

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