Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How to Hide Your Personal Login Account On Computer

account login on computer
Account Login 
Have use your system by many people????
then surly that many accounts available in your system, if show your account on welcome screen and you want hide from other people, So attention people which used XP window and act upon my some below tips and
show your James bond personality.

(1) Start Menu ---> Run  and write REGEDIT then enter.

(2) Appear another window  

(3) Right click  USER LIST select Dword, now write your user name as same as now double click and do the value zero If already show zero value then no change and close to registry and log off to computer or restart.

(4) Now appear the welcome screen your account not disclose. Reach you account with the help of  CTRL+ALT+DELET. Now mention your user name and password in appear window and press enter.Your account open successfully . Don't angry which people used xp home.

The Conceal account is XP home must be adopt to above instruction  and entrance into account must be select to save mod. Now you enter F8 by keyboard and enter into save mod where available hidden account.


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